Reclaim Your prime.

Get Your Free Testosterone Blood Test.

Is declining testosterone impacting your life? Uncover the signs with our free symptom checker & finger-prick blood test.

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Reclaim Your prime.

with the Bespoke Testosterone Revive Program.

Is declining testosterone impacting your life? Uncover the signs with our free symptom checker & finger-prick blood test.

Limited time offer only!

The Overlooked Effects Of Declining Testosterone.

Declining Capability.

It’s not just daily stress or age weighing you down; the unexpected culprit might be declining testosterone, stealthily sapping your energy and vitality.

Beyond Physical Changes.

It’s more than just a bit of weight gain or muscle loss. Have mood swings, decreased libido, or bouts of brain fog clouded your days? These aren’t mere coincidences—they’re tell-tale signs of a testosterone imbalance that’s silently impacting your quality of life.

No Quick Fixes.

While synthetic hormones or store-bought boosters promise instant relief, they often offer only a mirage of improvement. Masking symptoms today might lead to bigger challenges tomorrow. It’s time to dig deeper, seeking more than a temporary fix—it’s time to address the underlying causes.

Are you experiencing... shrinking muscles despite your best efforts at the gym?an unexplained increase in body fat, even with a controlled diet?constant fatigue, even after a full night's rest?mood swings or struggles with mental clarity that seem out of character?a declining interest in intimacy or challenges in forming connections?difficulties in maintaining erections, affecting personal relationships?

Are you experiencing... Shrinking muscles? An increase in body fat? Constant fatigue? Mood swings? A decline in mental clarity? A struggle with intimacy? Erection difficulties?

Revive, Rediscover, Revitalise.

The Revive program is here to shed light on these issues, offering not just understanding but a tailored solution to help you overcome the symptoms of low testosterone.

Reclaim Your Physical Prime.

Step back in time and engineer a functional, lean physique, with enhanced muscle development and efficient fat metabolism.

Build Unyielding Stamina.

Rejuvenate your fitness and dive into challenges, be it gruelling marathons, intensive work projects or keeping up with your kids.

Future Proof Your Health.

Ensure a quality, long life with reduced risks for chronic diseases due to enhanced cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Elevate Your Executive Abilities.

Sharpen your cognitive edge, navigate complex challenges, and lead with decisive clarity.

Deepen Relationships & Intimacy.

Rekindle the flames of passion with a rejuvenated libido and the assurance of consistent physical performance.

Establish Undaunted Confidence.

Embrace an unwavering belief in yourself, charging through each day with relentless drive and determination.

Ready to Feel Yourself Again?

To guarantee unparalleled care, I work with limited clients. Places are filling fast. Act now, and step into the prime of your life.

How Does the Revive Program Work?

Precision Diagnostics.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Through in-depth consultations and cutting-edge blood tests, I’m committed to understanding and pinpointing your unique needs.

Tailored blueprint.

In a detailed one-to-one session, we won’t merely skim through your results. We’ll delve into them, deciphering the intricacies, spotlighting the central issues, and co-creating a plan meticulously crafted just for you.


Embark on a transformative 12-week health coaching program, with consistent check-ins to ensure your progress. Together, we’ll navigate the path to optimal testosterone levels and unparalleled wellness, every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I be sure this program will work for me?

With nearly two decades of medical experience, I've crafted this program around evidence-based principles. I work closely with each participant, ensuring the plan is tailored to your needs and providing the highest probability of success.

What if my testosterone levels don’t improve after the program?

Every individual responds differently. If you don't achieve the desired testosterone levels, I offer a guarantee: We continue to work together, at no additional cost, until we attain the results you're looking for. It's not just about a program; it's a commitment to your well-being.

What if I can't follow the plan every single day?

Life can be unpredictable. I've designed this program with flexibility in mind, so if you miss a day, we'll find ways to help you get back on track without feeling overwhelmed.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs?

I value transparency and trust. Everything will be communicated upfront, ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

Will I need to buy any specific foods or equipment for the exercise routines?

While I'll recommend certain foods and exercises, I'll always consider what's practical and accessible for you, ensuring that the program fits seamlessly into your life.

How will the coaching sessions be conducted? Online or in-person?

Primarily, our interactions will be online for accessibility. This allows me to guide you effectively regardless of your location.

Do I need to be in a specific location to participate?

No. The beauty of this program is its adaptability, allowing you to participate from almost anywhere.

Is there a refund policy if I’m not satisfied with the results?

Absolutely. If at any stage in the program you feel it's not meeting your expectations, you're entitled to a refund. Your trust and satisfaction are central to our partnership.

Why should I choose this program over other testosterone treatments available in the market?

Many TRT clinics focus solely on addressing testosterone levels, often overlooking the root causes. This program is distinct: I delve deep to address the underlying causes of suboptimal testosterone levels, not just the symptoms. Instead of solely relying on ongoing treatments, I emphasise a holistic and comprehensive approach, combining my medical expertise with evidence-based lifestyle interventions.

What if I'm already on medication or have existing health conditions?

I've worked with diverse medical backgrounds throughout my career. Inform me about any medications or conditions, and the program can be adjusted to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Do I need to consult with my doctor before starting the program?

While I provide expert guidance, it's always good practice to keep your primary care physician informed about any significant lifestyle or treatment changes.

Will I need to continue any treatments or routines indefinitely to maintain the results?

The ultimate goal is to empower you with knowledge and instil sustainable habits. With the insights you gain and the habits you form, you'll be well-equipped to make necessary adjustments independently, ensuring you continue to thrive long after the program concludes.

What kind of support or guidance is available after the 12 weeks?

Your journey doesn't end after the 12-week program. For those interested in ongoing support, I offer a membership where you can continue to access resources, guidance, and benefit from a community of individuals on a similar path, ensuring your sustained progress and success.

Your Prime Awaits.

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